Could Outliner show cumulative progress for folders?


First of all, I love Scrivener! But… :wink:

(I’m using Scrivener 1.5.3 for Windows)

Could you modify the rendering of the progress bar to use the cumulative word count for folders? IMHO this is more logical than using the actual word count which tends to stay at 0 (zero).

An example might help to clarify this:

Folder with target=2000, no direct content, wc=0
   File1 with target=1000, wc=750
   File2 with target=1000, wc=250

The outliner would currently render three progress bars, but the first one would be empty / white (no progress) when in fact I would expect it to show 50% (750+250 of 2000).

Using cumulative word counts instead would allow me to see my progress say on a chapter-by-chapter (= folders!) basis at a glance by selecting the enclosing part in the binder (the color-coded bars allow to spot where work needs to be done at a single glance). Otherwise, I would have to expand all chapters. No big deal, but still…

Expanding on this, could you use the cumulated targets of all contained scrivenings for a folder unless a target was specified explicitly?

Regards, Erich

We do have plans for a “Total Progress” column which would do a top-down summation of all child counts. It would also work in a fashion where if the folder itself has a goal set for it, the child items would count toward that. This way you wouldn’t have to set each scene to have a goal, but just the chapter (to use a common outline structure example).