Could Project Targets window be smaller?

Hi Scrivener

Thanks for your truly wonderful program.

Would it be possible to make the Project Targets window adjustable so that it can be made even smaller, or have a mini version, or its info moved to the bar at the bottom of the writing windows?

The reason I ask is that I like to use Scrivener in shared screen mode with my preferred PDF manager, and at its current size the Project Targets window can be obtrusive.

Thanks again!

If you have a target set for a document, you should see a progress indicator in the editor pane’s footer area when that document is open (including if the document is part of a Scrivenings session). See Section 14.2 in the manual for more information.


I think you will like Scrivener 3.0. :slight_smile:

Thank you Keith, sorry for my delayed reply, I am certainly looking forward to the next update in relation to this!

Also, I am increasingly using Scrivener for iOS and something in this direction (i.e. a session count visible at a glance whilst typing) would be very welcome there as well.

Thanks, keep up the good work