Could Scrivener remember my preferred layout for separate machines?

I use Scrivener full-screen on a 27" monitor, and love the fact that I can have the Binder, the Inspector, and two text windows, all generously spaced and easy to work with.

I use Scrivener on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, and love the fact that I can carry it everywhere with me, and work on the main draft whenever I get a peaceful ten minutes.

But, of course, when I’ve been working on one and switch to the other, I find that the layout, as well as the documents etc., have been updated to reflect my work on the other, and I have to faff around closing and opening and re-shaping things: my peaceful hour is no longer either peaceful, or ten minutes. Is there any chance of an option to preserve the layout that I prefer on each machine?

Or am I missing something clever that already does that, or something like it? A one-click, customisable “Apply Tablet Layout” or “Apply PC Layout” option would be a good second-best.

You can save and restore layouts in Scrivener for Mac. I believe the equivalent in the Windows version is under the Window menu, as layout manager.