Could "session target" also count negative numbers?


first, thanks for the wonderful program - I’ve been using Scrivener literally daily for the last year or so, writing some 150 pages of my thesis plus probably hundreds of pages in notes etc, as well as several articles.

I recently found that the “Session target” is a really good way to get me writing - as of now, I have a daily target of 18 000 characters in text and notes. However, there is a problem of “you get what you measure”, ie. I tend write a lot of things that don’t make any sense or clutter the text needlessly, and therefore, every third or fourth day my goal is to REMOVE 18 000 characters from the draft. Think of it as a “two steps forward, one step back” approach :slight_smile:.

I was wondering, might it be possible to modify the Session target view so that it would show negative characters (or words), ie. how much you have shortened the draft during the session? I would think it wouldn’t really affect the way most people use it today, but it would certainly help me.

That would be brilliantly useful for editing stuff. Gets my vote.

OOPS. It’s already doing what I just requested! Thanks for the quickest-ever update:D

However, mystery deepens: how on Earth could I have missed that? :smiley: