Could "Set Selection As Title" work in synopsis?

Would it be possible to make “Set Selection As Title” work with selected text in the synopsis?
Admittedly I’ll feel less need for this if/when the default autotitle is longer, but if it’s no big deal this would be convenient. After all, isn’t a good title just as likely to be found in the synopsis as the text?



I’ve gone one better - in beta 6, you can select text in any view - synopsis, text, keywords panel, wherever - and use it with “Set Selection as Title”.

I should have known…but just in case, thought I’d mention it.
thnx (i’m having to write that so often here i’ve decided to abbreviate)

Oh, just to clarify: I only just added this a few minutes ago in response to your post - I hadn’t added it already, but your suggestion made me think that this was the way things should happen. :slight_smile:

I’ve “impacted”, then! :slight_smile: