Could Targets include Footnotes?

I note that in Project Statistics, one of the options is to include footnotes.

Could Targets offer the same option? I often revise my writing for academic journals that have specific word-count targets that include footnotes.

One more thing: is it overly difficult to make these project targets appear in the footer bar when I’m in Edit Scrivenings mode, and have selected only those documents included in Compile? I can see all sorts of complications and exceptions, so understand if this would be impossible.


Hi Michael,

The targets are fairly straightforward: they count whatever’s typed in the main text of the document. So that will include footnotes if you use inline footnotes, but not if you use inspector ones. (Note however you can use the Documents>Convert>Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes if you wanted to switch.) Likewise it will include inline annotations, if you use them.

The document target in the footer counts words in the editor, so if you’re viewing multiple documents in a Scrivenings session, it sums their targets and the actual words in the editor and displays that. This is nice for working in sections with mini-targets–e.g. combining multiple scenes to work on the overall chapter target–so replacing it with the same information you get in the Project Targets would remove that extra stat option. You can leave the Project Targets window floating on the screen as you work, so it can remain accessible while you’re in a session, even in full screen–would that do what you want? You could also set up Growl notifications, if you didn’t need to see the progress bar/word count but just wanted to know when you’d gone over or under the target.

Thanks for this. Using inline footnotes is a no-go: one of the joys of a recent Scrivener update was finding that I could easily convert all my old, distracting inline footnotes to inspector footnotes. So, I suppose that as long as the inspector footnotes are left out of target calculations, I’m out of luck. Unless I did as you suggested and set targets for separate scrivenings. I might try it, but I think it would be awkward.

So the only way to have workable targets, it seems, is to combine all my scrivenings into one.


Target calculations are live and so this isn’t really possible currently without slowing down typing, unfortunately.
All the best,


To clarify, before you merge all your documents together, the target count in the footer will only count inline footnotes, not inspector ones. It’s no different from the Project Targets in that regard. So if the goal is to include the footnotes in your tracking, that’s still not going to work, I’m afraid. Project Statistics is the only count that’s going to get you an accurate representation of your book, since you can set that to match your compile settings and include footnotes of any kind and only count documents set to be compiled, etc.