Could Window > Themes > Load Theme from File... please remember path to last location?

Window > Themes > Load Theme for File… doesn’t remember the last known path to a theme file. Now, you have to browse or paste the path yourself, when you’re loading several or repeatedly Themes from file.

geez I noticed this too… annoying as heck

Put your themes where Scrivener expects to find them, in the Support Folder. The screenshot shows where that is on the Mac, and Scrivener/Reveal Support Folder takes you there. It may be under Files in Windows instead of under Scrivener, since Windows apps don’t have a menu item equal to the app name. (They need one.)

There’s a difference between Importing Themes and Loading Themes from file…

This request is about the last case, mostly used when creating a Theme and loading it from file repeatedly before Importing a Theme when it’s finished. Then Scrivener saves the Theme in the application’s Themes folder.

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You mean like this:
Screenshot 2021-11-17 124926

To answer my own question: when you select your Theme in the Window > Themes - Custom Themes menu, Scrivener will ask if you want to reload the same Theme file. Choose Yes and restart Scrivener to see the results of your changes.

No need for remembering file paths this way. :grin: