Could you integrate hand writing on Scrivener?

Hello. I’m using Scrivener awesome tool, and I think I need a feature on it.

Now I’m using Surface 3 and a stylus for it. When I want to write something and save it in Scrivener project I follow these steps.

  1. write down in OneNote.
  2. screen-capture it.
  3. make new document in Scrivener project.
  4. insert image to the document.

This is really inconvenient, especially when I don’t use keyboard and mouse. It is nearly impossible to follow those steps only by stylus pen.

So please add Stylus mode or document for handwriting in Scrivener.

Hi smallhuman,

it isnt quite clear for me - are you trying to save a picture to scrivener (your handwriting as a drawing) or the interpreted ascii-representation (the text). Looks like you request scrivener to become a drawing tool. I dont believe that LitLat will do so.

Well, there are some ways for handwriting and get the text in scrivener.

Windows: I used the handwriting-recognition-input-field in the old XP-times on a convertible (ah, the memories). It was decent … So, beeing it Microsoft/Windows, there shouldn’t be such a big difference today. The virtual keyboard for handwriting should work on a Surface.

Android: The last 2 years I handwrote the first drafts of my texts on a Samsung Note9 in a decent texteditor (Jota+) on android in a dropbox directory (which is also my project dir with Scrivener in windows). For this handwriting on android you have to change the onscreen-keyboard to a handwriting-input-field. Samsung has one, which is licenced from myscript. The free beta ‘myscript stylus’ from them is the same as Samsungs, but in some details better - so I use this. The handwriting is interpreted on the fly as text; its amazing.
I copy and paste the text on windows into scrivener. The heavy lifting :slight_smile: (editing, compiling…) goes there. But, you can export a scene as text and work again with handwriting on android, if you like.

IOS: You also can change the on-screen-keyboards. There also is a ‘myscript stylus’-program, which works as aspected. Only you have these capacitative styli (and your hand), which together are mostly inadequate for the job. But now we get the iPadPro9, the Apple Pencil and iScrivener (pst, dont tell anybody, but I’m in the beta-program).
So, the iPadPro is OK - a better machine then the Note (hm, looks like I’m a little overcomputered). The Apple Pencil is a mixed bag, an Apple-version-1-product, maybe good for drawing, not for writing. But with another tip and another grip? … The real problem is the virtual keyboard. Its not adjusted for the iPadPro - maybe the high resolution? They had to update it. So, no handwriting on the iPad this time for me - but there is hope. For now I’m using the keyboard ‘padKeys’.
And iOS-Scrivener, you ask? My very own impression and not affiliated with LitLat :slight_smile: Its the best Outliner/Editor-combination on iOS, synced with the ‘main’-Scriveners and has the look-and-feel of Scrivener - brilliant.

So, you have to change the onscreen-keyboard for handwriting on all platforms. But as I wrote above: maybe I misunderstand your request for drawing in scrivener.


I’ve tried a number of handwriting-to-text devices and associated applications, and, for me, none of them - regrettably - is accurate enough to use for extensive, daily writing on a professional basis, at least with my handwriting - if that’s the kind of thing you want. Notes maybe, novels no. (I’ve always handwritten first drafts, and was pleased to see American research last year that suggested that handwriting taps deeper levels of thinking than typing. Though perhaps the research is not conclusive - yet.)

If you want to use handwriting-to-text, my suggestion is to use dictation in-between. Unlike handwriting-to-text, voice-to-text does appear to be a maturing technology that has made significant strides in the last decade. Handwrite, then dictate into Scrivener. (Of course, if all you want is the image of your handwriting in Scrivener, then none of this applies.)

One Note has handwriting-to-text capability. You just select the handwriting in One Note, then click the Ink to Text option in the toolbar in the Draw section (I have no experience with Surface Pros, my info comes from this page: … ce-device/ ).

From there, you just copy & paste the text.

But if you want Scrivener to allow you to, essentially, draw in it with a pen… you may be out of luck.

Here’s an idea though… create a blank PDF page the size you want to see in Scrivener. Create a templates folder in scrivener and put the blank pdf there. Then, when you want to hand-write a page of notes in Scrivener, create a new document from the blank pdf template. Then open it in an external program that has annotation capabilities (Adobe Acrobat Pro, is but one of many such programs). Assuming that program lets you draw arbitrary lines with your stylus/pen, then you just draw on the blank page and then save. Back in Scrivener, when you next load that PDF into the editor, your hand-written notes will be visible on that pdf.