Count number of search results

Hi, I’m searching without results a function to use the search panel and count the obtained results. For example I want to count how many times the character “@” appears in my text. I used all the three search that I know in scrivener and I find all the document where “@” appears but I can’t see where I can read how many time scrivener found it

Scrivener includes a Word Frequency statistics tool. For Scrivener 3, see Section 20.1.3 of the Scrivener Manual (under the Help menu). I don’t know whether it also handles symbols such as “@”.

Thank you for your help, i’m Aware about this feature but if @ is used inside a word and not alone it is not counted as word. I use pandoc for manage citation and they have this shape [@citation] so counting the @ would help me to know how many I inserted, it is also strange not to have the number of results after a search