Count number of Takes or count number of occurences on a search term

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i use Scrivener currently to write audio dramas. These usually have a list of roles up front, such as
LUKE SKYWALKER (21): farmer, destined to save the galaxy
HAN SOLO (28): smuggler

Now in an audio drama all dialoge is organized in takes, similar to movie scripts:
324 - LUKE: She is amazing, who is she?
325 - OBI WAN: Forget her!

With the preceding list of chracters, i would like to include the number of takes this character has in the script at compile time, with a placeholder. Is that possible?
Or is it possible to count the number of occurences for a specific search term? With scrivener i already use counter placeholders for the takes such as
<$n:d> - EVA:
If it is possible to search for this term “<$n:d> - EVA:” and get the number of search results, that would also do the job, but i couldnt find any.

Where do you need this count to come? You can refer to the current number of a tagged auto-number. For instance, if you use <$n:d>, you could use <$n#d> to refer to the current number without incrementing it. You could therefore use this if your count comes at the end of the document.

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Hi Keith

this will not work, as i use one single placeholder for autonumbering ALL takes, like this: <$n:d>, So if there are 1000 take from different roles, the last number will be 1000. But i need the number of takes per individual role, such as Luke Skywalker: 341, Han Solo: 138, Chwebacca: 4 etc.

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My suggestion would be a new placeholder, one that counts the number of search results for any given regex statement, such as <$count:“regex”>
At compile time, the regex search would be executed and the number of occurrences would replace the tag.
With such a functionality, i could have one regex per role, such as <$count:“Luke:”>, <$count:“Han Solo:”> etc.