counters: why not go all the way?

I discovered Scrivener last week, and it was love at first sight.

Today I saw the change list for the new beta 4, and was thrilled to see the addition of automatic numbering. But why not go one small step further, and allow the user to create more than one counter of each kind? So, in addition to <$n>, you could have <$n1>, <$n2> etc. This would allow you to define, for instance, one counter for chapters/sections, one counter for figures, and so on.

This would be incredibly useful for academic writing. For instance, in linguistics you use numbered examples of linguistic data, which are spread all over your document. A writing tool that doesn’t allow you to do this automatically is simply not an option for writing a linguistics paper.

Now, allow me to be greedy for moment and suggest another thing… it would be incredibly nice if cross-references could be used to refer to counters, such that you could have something like “see example (35)”, where the number is dynamically updated. I’m sure this is not trivial to implement, but maybe it’s worth considering.

To put in my own “greedy” plug - this can be done using MultiMarkdown.

Equations don’t have to be used for math - so you can include something like this:

<< text(This is a text example that will be numbered) [some label]>>

By default, the text will be centered in the page, with a number to the right. By using the “[some label]” tag, this sentence can be referenced from elsewhere in the text.

Just a thought…

Fletcher, I tried this and nothing seems to happen- MMD just passes the markup as it is. Am I missing something?

I looked at what you write regarding math support at, and it looks like the same problem exists there: you show 3 examples, and then under “is converted into:” I see exactly the same markup, not numbered formulas. So either I’m missing something here, or it’s just not working.

Anyway, it would be very nice if this could be done both using MMD and using Scrivener itself…

Please note that the feature set for 1.0 is now locked, though I may consider these ideas in the future.
Thanks for your input and all the best,

My web site doesn’t support math (it uses an older version of MMD). MMD does support math.

When I try the example I gave you, it works fine for me.

Feel free to email me an example that is not working for you.