Counting index cards?

Is there a way, without doing it manually, to get a count of all the index cards in a folder or a project? I’m working with poems with one to a card and it would be helpful to me to know how many I have.


Turn on Options -> Appearance -> Show subdocument counts in binder.

That will give you the number of documents per folder, with the numbers appearing in little ovals along the right margin of the binder, one for each folder; assuming that 1 document = one index card, that should give you the count you’re looking for.

Thank you! That’s exactly what I needed. I appreciate it.

Very nice. I didn’t realize this function existed. It helps me see how my various chapters are sliced-and-diced.

I’m coming back to my counting question because now I’m trying to understand/do something else with them. I love having the count of the cards in the draft. That gives me a target of how many poems I have to write for the book.

But below the DRAFT folder, I have a couple of other folders where I keep stuff I may or may not use. because those folder are the same level as DRAFT, they are all included in the total count in DRAFT which is throwing me off.


Should I just drag those folders into Research (which will throw me off a little bit but I can deal) or I am once again missing something fundamental?


What you are probably seeing is the total count of documents in each folder in DRAFT + the number of folders in DRAFT. I checked this in my manuscript, and that’s how it worked. My “Characters” folder, which lives at the same level as DRAFT didn’t add it’s contents to the DRAFT count.

Argh! Thanks Robert. I just checked that math and that is indeed what adds up.

Hmmm. That is gonna throw things off. So if I have scenes dumped into a bunch of folders for chapters/sections, I have to manually count all my folders and then subtract from the total count? That is going to be frustrating to do each time. Any ideas for a work-around? I can’t dump 169 docs just into the draft folder or I’ll never find my way around things.

If there is some search term that won’t give you false positives, you could create a saved search that only includes your Draft folder, and then only the documents with that search term, such as “author” if you list the author in the text of each document, or in the notes, etc…

I would test that out and confirm that it would work, but for some bizarre reason, I can’t get a search to work.

Option 2: Modify your compile settings to add an auto-incrementing number to each file (but not the same increment tag used to number your chapters). Then compile to pdf or .doc, or whatever, open the file and scroll to the bottom to see the number on the last document.

Thanks, Robert. I decided to go low-tech since this is all about playing the head-games to keep me writing and producing new work. I restructured my folders (since this is all about getting a SFD down) to 10 and now I can just subtract that number from the top. :mrgreen: