Counting words issue

I tried starting a new project with the last beta and I’m having an issue with the words counting. It doesn’t update. I took some screeshots as an example:

The first one is a document, the second one a folder and the last one the whole manuscript.
As you can see all of them have more words that it shows, and the objective area also doesn’t appear correctly updated.

It doesn’t happen with every doc or folder, though. The counting on some of them works fine, and the ones giving issues can be updated (if I open each document and, for example, enter a space in it, the couting updates correctly), but when closing and reopening the project it goes back again.

I don’t have this issue with projects I started with the previous beta version, I tried some of them and in those it seems to be working fine. Don’t know if it’s something I’m only experiencing, but thought it could be of help.

Could be related to the crash upon shutdown issue. Run File > Save and Rebuild indexes. This should get your counts in sync. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

I tried it an seems to be working fine now. Thank you! :smiley: