couple of installation issues


first post, and already grumbling, sorry :unamused:

I installed Scrivener on a couple of XP machines last night, and had the same problem on both - when it was checking if vcredist was required, it came back saying an error had been returned, but still completed installation.

I ran the program shown in the message box the Scrivener installation displayed, the vcredist.exe in the Scrivener directory. This brought up a dialog box asking me if I wanted to repair or uninstall vcredist. I chose repair in both cases, and everything completed successfully.

Both machines are XP, and almost certainly already had the vcredist libraries on them - one of them has Visual Studio installed. One is completely up to date with patches, the other only slightly behind (it’s not normally connected to the Internet, so I only patch it every few months)

Scrivener does start and run on both, so the problem wasn’t fatal, but still…

The other problem I hit was much less involved :slight_smile:. One of the machines I installed Scrivener on was a netbook. When I clicked to see the readme, it was too big for the screen (1024 x 600). The Readme window can’t be resized, and the focus isn’t on the OK button when it’s displayed. The only way I could get rid of it was to hit the Tab key and then spacebar. Either making the window smaller, resizeable, or having the focus set on the OK button would be helpful for future releases.

Other than that, the program looks fine, and I’m looking forward to using it :smiley:

There seems to be an issue trying to run the MS check and installer for the runtime files, so this is a glitch that unfortunately a lot of users have hit; Lee’s stripping it out for future versions, but you’re safe to ignore it; the installation should complete fine despite the message.

Excellent point on the readme; I’ll see what we can do about that!