Couple of Thoughts on Full View


I absolutely love this program; I’ve been using Scrivener Gold for my novel, and 10 chapters in, I’m delighted to have the new Scrivener Beta to work with.

Couple of thoughts on full screen. First, the red underlining for spelling mistakes isn’t showing up for me in full screen like it did in Scrivener Gold. Maybe I haven’t set something correctly, but I found the red underlining to be pretty handy.

Also, you used to be able to use Cmd-Tab to get to another program from full screen, but that doesn’t seem to work in the new version. Don’t know if this was intentional–it’s no big deal.

Thanks again for your great software,

Thanks for the kind words - glad you like the new beta.

Underlining of spelling should work in full screen, although looking into it I realised that if you change the spell-check settings between full screen sessions, they won’t show up in full screen until the next time you launch Scrivener. I’ve fixed that for beta 2. But if you choose to check spelling as you type from the Spelling menu under Edit, spelling mistakes should be underlined in full screen and the normal editors (and notes views). Like I say, in the current beta you may need to restart Scrivener to see this take effect in full screen.

You are right that you are no longer able to command-tab between applications in full screen any more. This was more to disable Expose, to be honest, which doesn’t play well with full screen. The idea of full screen is that you don’t need access to other programs. That said, if you use two monitors, you can access other programs and full screen will only dominate the chosen screen.

Hope that helps.

Yet I liked the possibility to command-tab between applications in full screen. I found this really very convenient, and very few applications, if any, do have this feature.

When I was doing my writing this morning I was actually glad that the red underlining wasn’t showing up in full screen. I’m now disappointed to find that it will be back next time I write. :cry:

Perhaps you could consider an option to turn spelling off in full screen? To me the whole point of full screen is to just keep going with the flow of my writing. I’m happy to go back through it in normal view to check spelling and grammatical errors.

I agree. This should definitely be something that can be turned off forever. The last thing I care about when I’m in a groove is whether or not I just committed a typo.

This is going to remain project-wide for the foreseeable future; sorry. Reason being that I think it makes sense if the user selects “Check spelling as you type” then it affects all views.

However, for those who really want to turn this off when in the flow, I’ve added a keyboard shortcut (cmd-) to “Check spelling as you type”. That way if you don’t like it affecting it all modes, it is at least very easy to toggle on and off without having to interrupt your flow by going through the menu. I hope that is an agreeable compromise for the time being. If as you continue to use Scrivener you find that you really hate this, I will be happy to revisit it and discuss it after 1.0 is released.


Project-wide is no problem for me. I guess the way I write, I do not really care if I’ve spelled something perfectly until it is time to edit things. So then a normal spellcheck pass suffices, rather than constant checking.

Am I the only one who finds the scroll bar in Full Screen rather disturbing? I would greatly prefer a more inobtrusive bar, situated not immediately besides the text, but in the far right corner of the screen. A good example of what I mean is the scroll bar in MacJournals Full Screen, which in all its modesty is very elegant.

Mmmm, I rather like it the Scrivener way. MacJournal’s full screen is nice, but I find Scr.'s much more pleasing to the eye and relaxing. I like having the scroll bar close at hand as well as the control panel, which remains nicely tucked out of the way. But of course, as always, it’s different strokes…! :slight_smile:


If you don’t like it, you can always hide it completely through the Preferences. It is the way it is so that it fits in with the way Apple do scrollbars in iApps, and because the background can now be a different colour to the text or even faded out completely. In that case, it makes no sense to be over on the right detached from the text. Either way, it is the way it is. :slight_smile:

The only argument for having it in the far right would be a Fitt’s Law thing, I would say. And given that hardly any applications observe that for their internal components, it is not a big thing. We are used to it for menus, that is for sure. Try using a Windows machine for a day. Those embedded menus drive me insane. :slight_smile:

That’s what I did, eventually. Removed the scrollbar completely as it was too much in my face.

I realised I normally use two-finger scrolling on my scrollpad, or the scrollwheel on my mighty mouse anyway.

But I’d like to add my vote to Maria’s suggestion for a fading scrollbar (a-la Ulysses, I guess).

The fading toolbar thing isn’t going to happen, sorry. I really don’t like that implementation in Ulysses at all. If you are going to have a disappearing scrollbar, it HAS to be over at the right of the screen so that you don’t have to mouse about trying to find it - you can just pop your mouse to edge of the screen and it will appear. But because of the paper/background difference in Scrivener, the scrollbar has to be next to the text. Thus, it will not fade. :slight_smile:

I no longer think it’s an issue worth investing time into, personally. I think you’ve got it well now.

I love how the full screen looks without the scroll bar — white against black, minimalistic straight lines, yet a lot of power just within reach. Very Zen.

To be honest, I overlooked the option to hide the scrollbar through the preferences. This option solves my ‘problem’, if you can call it that.

But am I right in saying that in full screen mode one can only scroll through a document by clicking on the scrollbar, not by moving the mousewheel? Or is this a bug?

That’s a bug, fixed for beta 2 (or I hope I’ve fixed it; I don’t have a mousewheel, so can’t test. However, the scrollbar buttons don’t work in beta 1, either, and I’ve fixed this which should have fixed the wheel problem too).