Courier Prime

So, from what I can tell, John August is some sort of Genie. And not just any Genie — my own personal software nerd jinn. Here’s the evidence.

  1. I wished for an easy way to watermark documents, and John August delivered one.

  2. I wished for a plain-text, markdown-like language for screenplays. Wish two, granted by John August.

  3. While I have no magic lamps on hand, there are a number of bottles on my desk. Which indicates the presence of a Genie. Well. It indicates something.

  4. My third (and longest-standing) wish in the screenplay software realm has been for a replacement for Courier. I’ve long written in fixed width fonts (Inconsolata!) other than Courier, because, let’s face it, it’s ugly, and who wants to look at ugly all day. But when the screenplay is for any eyes other than mine, it’s in Courier, because the rule is: Screenplays Are In Courier.

And so, a few days ago, my personal Genie John August made a new Courier. And it’s pretty. And it’s free. And it’s here.

Thank you, Genie!

Thanks for the link. Although I am not a screen writer (and never will be), I appreciate italics in any font, especially fixed width fonts.