Cover Art imported -not found in Compile??

Hello everyone,

I am new to Scrivener and managed to just complete the writing of my first E-Book on the trial version of the software. I think I am loving this platform. I don’t know if it is my first and last or if I have another in me, but it was a story I just had to write so…

I utilized a photograph and created the text to make a cover in Photoshop CS6. The image is 72 Dpi and 600px X 800px, flattened and saved as a jpeg. I put it on my desktop and then opened Scrivener. To shorten this explanation, so far I have dragged a copy into the “Research” file. I have created a file in the Binder and put a copy in it. There is a copy of it in the Binder file: E Book under ‘Front Matter’. So, one would hope that the Cover section of Compile would be able to find at least one version of the image file. It just isn’t happening though.

I have attached a screenshot of what I see. In the Cover Image drop down, the only options are “iBooks E-Books”, or “No Cover Image”

I have watched videos and followed directions, or so I believe. Can anyone help me with this please? Oh, and I am on a Mac.

I believe you need to move the image into the FrontMatter folder.

Yup, there is already on there too. You can see the jpeg in the file Front Matter > E Book > Surviving

It still isn’t recognize in the Compile > Cover section.

*** Update*** I am now a registered owner of the software. That didn’t help with the issue though. So there’s that. :confused:

I was wrong. Been trying it here and it can pick the image up from any folder.

I’m sure someone will come up with a solution.

Wow. Any file!?!?

So, what type image file do you use?

Mine is a jpeg. 600x800 pixels. about 230kb

Crazy frustrating.

Does this post help?

Something wrong with the image, perhaps.

My sample cover icon looks like…
[attachment=1]cover icon.png[/attachment]

The actual image is this…

Your icon is different. Don’t know why.

Maybe you could try another image (mine, if you want) to see if that works. Just drag it into the binder and then test it. At least then you will know if Scrivener works or not and if the image just needs to be tweaked.

I have dragged other images into Scrivener and they all get the same icon.

Wow. So that worked!

So, there must be some thing wrong with my image file. :neutral_face:

The size is about the only thing that I can think of that could be an issue, but good grief! It is pretty small already. I’m a photographer so thinking in image sizes smaller than what I used isn’t very easy. I’ll give it a go though.

Thanks for the use of your file! Great idea! 8)

Have you managed to get your image to work? Wouldn’t have thought the file size would have been much of a problem.

I expect Ioa, Astrid, Jennifer, or Keith (Scrivener gurus) will be able to help.

File size shouldn’t be a problem on this side of things (you of course want to keep it as trim as possible for distribution, though). File type is another matter, and often the image specifications can break display even if it works fine on your Mac. A classic example there is getting graphics back from your designer, intended for print, and so you get this 300 DPI CMYK file—that doesn’t work too well on a Nook. :slight_smile: Secondly you should use JPEG or PNG for compatibility. I’m assuming you know how to check and fix all of this kind of stuff given you’re a photographer, but let me know.

Oh, and no, it doesn’t matter where you put the cover image. The “Front Matter” folder (along with its name and custom icon making it look special) is an entirely optional convention for that matter.

[size=150]It’s working now![/size]

There is a lot of stuff on the treads so you may not have noticed. It is all set and I appreciate everyones response, especially since this is a searchable database. I’m sure there will be plenty of other new people that could use the help.

It was purely a file size issue. 72 Dpi and RGB were fine, the image had converted to an odd size somehow on export I guess. I put it back to 600 x 800 and it works great.

Thanks again!


Great news.

Good luck with the book!