Cover art won't compile

I have a jpeg that I want to use as a cover. It’s in Front Matter/Manuscript Format/Cover. Dedication compiles fine, but Cover is a no show. Any suggestions?

You need to select the cover image under the epub settings in Compile.


Or All Options > Cover:

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Thanks Keith, but that option only comes up with the ebook settings. I would like to use it in the manuscript format.


I’m not sure I follow. That option only comes up with the ebook setting because that is the only format that requires a cover image to be set. If you want a cover image in a PDF file, then you should drag an image file into a text document and have that as the first file in the front matter folder (not an image document, but a text document with an image inside it). Only text documents can be compiled, so non-text documents inside front matter folders are ignored.

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That’s it. I was trying to have the cover compile as front matter for a manuscript format. Pasted it into a text doc and selected “as is.” Worked perfect. Thanks.


Great! Glad that helped.
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Although I have inserted images into the binder, those images do no show up on the list of available images when I begin to compile. I have successfully tried inserting images three ways: by dragging an image into the page, by inserting an image into the page using the pull down menu, and by inserting an image with the pull down menu through linking the mage. No luck. I have also tried to reinstall Scrivener and repeated the options. No Luck. I have tried opening a default project with existing images and then using the three methods listed above. No Luck. The images that I am using have these characteristics: jpg and svg; color and black and white; less than 112 KB’s; all produced in photoshop elements and prepared with the option save for the. No luck.

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You need to bring the image into the binder directly, not by dragging it into a page - the latter leaves you with a text document that has an image in its text, not an image document.

Either drag the image file directly from the Finder into the binder, or use File > Import > Files… and choose your image file.

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No luck again.

When I drag the drawing into the binder, there is no spot for the graphic jpeg’s or png’s to land.

If I open a text document, then I can drag the drawing into the text document. This is the first way that I described in my original email and the second way you described in your reply. When I use this second manner to place drawings in the binder, then I get no cover art in the compile screen.

The text where the imported file is located is included in the compile.

When I seek to use the file > import feature, the graphic files are greyed out and not available. The documentation says that most graphic file are supported. I am using save to web photoshop jpegs and png’s.

I opened the tutorial and found a picture of Alhambra. I made a copy within the scrivener with the copy utility and placed the copy in the document step 1: Beginnings. I tried to compile the tutorial to a mobi kindle file. There are no cover graphic file in the cover compile dialog box. However, the photo is in the completed compiled mobi file as big as you please.

Please advise.


PS: My install is by way of a CD ROM and it is registered.

You must be trying to drag the image file into the “Draft” (“Manuscript”) folder (or something in that folder is selected when you go to File > Import). The Draft folder only supports text files so you won’t be able to bring in image files there. You must import your image somewhere else in the binder, outside of the Draft folder.

From your comment about the tutorial it sounds as though you haven’t been through it - I really recommend doing so, as that explains how to import and about how the Draft folder only supports text documents, and why. Likewise, the User Manual, available under Help, has a section on “File Import” which also explains these things.

Yes, because you placed the image inside the text, so obviously it will appear in the compiled text. That’s not the same as a cover image though. Note that we also have a video showing how to compile to epub and mobi on our videos page:

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The key thing that gave me the solution was this quote:

“…you placed the image inside the text, so obviously it will appear in the compiled text. That’s not the same as a cover image though.”

Although you did not tell me where to place the images, you only told me where not to place the image. That’s is the nub of the issue.

Here’s how I would have told myself how to do it:

In the default binder for novels, there is a character folder on the same level as manuscript. Import the image here using the file > import dialog box. The image will was appear in the drop down box of the compile window. Select the image and the image will compile. You can create other folders on this same level and name it graphics. Import the image here for a finished looking and organized project.

I hope this helps others who have the same issue.

Thank you for helping me. I was at a loss for the most of simple solutions and I just didn’t get it.

Scrivener is an amazing program. I have not felt this good about a piece of software since the release of Pagemaker so long ago. Just as that program had a tremendous effect on publishing, I think that Scrivener will do the same. Aldus Manutius is surely smiling upon the project.

Thanks again for moderating the board.


You didn’t have to place the image in the Characters folder, though - the reason I told you where not to place it is that you can place images anywhere else at all, just not in the Draft folder. As you’ve realised, you could have equally placed it in the Research folder, or set up your own folder on the same level as the Draft to hold it.

Either way, I’m glad you got it sorted!

Thanks for the kind words - always nice to know that others find my humble creation useful, too.

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