Cover image getting cropped at compilation

I don’t know what changed, but today I tried to insert a new cover image and it’s always getting cropped. This was not happening before (I have versions of the pdf with the previous image not being cropped and I don’t recall having ever had to carefully adjust the image size). However, if I try to re-use the old photo again now that gets cropped too!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there is something I’m missing. There is indeed a message at compilation time, in the cover section that says something like:

The point is that even if I re-size the image to match perfectly the measure given in paper size (converting pt to px), it still gets cropped. I don’t seem able to get rid of this automated cropping and I don’t understand exactly how the logic there works. And again, this was not happening before. I have never had to deal so much with image size, nor I remember trying to match the numbers of the paper size given above.

I’m trying to compile a PDF by the way. If someone could tell me if there is something I have to look at (like I checked or unchecked some option by mistake) or explain better how that cropping works would be appreciated.

Ah, my cover is in the front matter folder (in the Manuscript / eBook etc folder) but I don’t think this matters at all.


In the attached, the paper is 432x864pt.

The cover image has the same values in pixels – i.e. 432X648px, with no conversion – and the cover compiles without issue. So don’t convert points to pixels?

Slàinte mhòr. (183 KB)

Thank you for the answer but that does not work. Even if I do not convert points to pixels and I match the measures, it still gets cropped. And I still can’t figure out using what logic.


Wonder what is different between the sample file and your project: why would it work in one but not the other?

Don’t know if anything has changed or the logic behind how this works (though adding a cover to a PDF is relatively new [introduced in 3.1.1] – it used to be a post-compile task), but I expect someone will be along soon to offer up some answers.

All the best.

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Compression settings? Trim or bleed?

See: … s?os=macOS

Thanks again. Yeah, I have no idea. For now I managed with a dirty hack: I noticed the image (at latest attempts/measures) was being cropped horizontally by a certain amount. I just resized the canvas expanding the width with an empty space that matches the amount that would be cropped, and managed to get a decent result.

It would be great though if someone could clarify, or have some other guess on what could be wrong.

Is the cover a pure standalone image file, or is it an image that you have put into a text file inside Scrivener? What canvas are you resizing? As such, the cover just needs to be a standalone image (jpg, png, etc). In the past, to get a cover image for a pdf, users needed to manipulate the compiler by embedding an image in a text file and instructing Scrivener to use that file. Since 3.1.1, Scrivener can compile pure images. This might explain things.

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The cover is a pure standalone image file. By canvas I mean the image file when opened with a photo editor (in this case I was using Gimp). It’s just a png file located in one of the front matter folders, that’s it.

That rules one possible issue out.

Hope someone can offer a solution.

Perhaps seeing a redacted and minimal version of the project and image would help someone to check and try different settings. If no one here can help, perhaps tech support will be able to.

Good luck.

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