Cover image not in compile list

hey, so! i’m trying to compile an ebook with a cover image, but i can’t get scrivener to recognize that i have a cover image listed in the ebook front matter.

here’s what i mean:

the front matter is showing up in the list except for the cover image. even when i put the default image back in the folder, it didn’t recognize it.

proof the image is there:

i can’t remember doing anything to the cover that would make it not show up in the compile lists, and i just compiled two other books with no problems. i think it’s just this particular project is weird but i’m not sure how to fix it without having to start a new project and copy everything over. help D:

The compile contents list shown in your screencap is the list of text documents included in the compile group; only text items from the front matter folder will show up in the list (forward, dedication, etc.). The cover image for an ebook is set in a different section: click the second-to-last icon at the top of the righthand pane in compile (the icon with the mountains) for the cover page options. You should see your image listed in the pop-up menu at the top.

WELL. this is embarrassing. i swear the other two listed the cover in the compile too but i’m glad it’s just that i’m a fool and not the program isn’t working. thanks!