COver not showing

I am trying to create reading drafts of my novel in epub, .mobi and PDF. I have a cover. I’m selecting Front Matter in the compiles. I get a generic cover in epub, nothing in PDF. See attached, which shows where I have the cover and a bit of the cover itself.

What am I doing wrong?
Screenshot 2016-06-26 17.41.59.png

Have you selected a cover image from the Cover compile option pane? Just putting the image in a folder somewhere isn’t a clear enough message as to what you want. You could have fifteen files called “Cover” in that folder if you wanted, so you have to tell the program which one to use, and that file can be anywhere in the binder.

“Cover compile option pane”?

I’ve attached a picture of the compile function I’ve used … epub with “Front Matter” selected. Under ‘e-book’ I have only the cover (also pictured attached).


In your second screenshot, look down the left pane. You have “Contents” selected, which is followed by “Separators”, and then “Cover”. Click on Cover, and select the image you want to use for your cover.