Cover page for ebook

The Manual (p. 567) says:
Cover image: click the dropdown menu below this label to select an image from your project and designate it as the cover image.
However, the dropdown menu only shows the Literature and Latte standard cover and doesn’t let me navitage the directory tree. The other options are “No cover image” and “First image in Front Matter folder”. What’s wrong on my part?

Is your cover already in your Scrivener project? (It needs to be imported first.)

Slàinte mhòr.

And it also needs to be imported as an image document (i.e. drag the image from Finder directly into the binder, or use File > Import Files…) - not as an image inserted into a text document.

OK, I see. Thank you very much. I was unable to import the image as a file but, after dragging it to the Binder, the image was available.

Good news.

Slàinte mhòr.