Cover page image always down-scaled


I’ve read on the web that I should try to put in a jpeg of 600x800 with 300dpi for the cover page.

So I did this, and it looked OK.

But the cover image was scaled down in the Kindle Previewer.

Then I tried another resolution I found on the web. A jpeg of 800x1066 with 300dpi.

Again, it looked OK.

But again it was only basically showing the image in half the size of the cover page, and with the book title meta data on top.

It doesn’t look very book-like. And it should be possible to get a full-size cover image… right? Or not?

Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just not getting it? :slight_smile:

All help appreciated.


How are you adding the cover? Are you adding the image to the “Cover” pane of the Compile settings, or trying to create a cover page yourself manually? You should do the former to achieve the best results.

All the best,

If preparing a cover for Kindle… … TRG6OPX0VM

@KB: Yeah, I am adding it from the Cover pane in Compile.
@Briar Kit: Yeah, that worked better. Thanks. :slight_smile:

It seems that it still won’t fill the full page, though:

The meta title is still on top, and the image is framed and apparently scaled down.

… is this just me being too picky?

Hello again.

I have run into a new problem.

When I look at the cover image imported into the Research folder it is high-res. A 700 kb jpeg of 1563x2500 pixels, with 300 dpi.

But when I embed it into a mobi-file the image is again scaled down on the page, and it seems to be very compressed also. Because when zooming in, I can see a lot of jpeg-blurs.

The file size seems to indicate that the full image is embedded.

The mobi-file without the image is 127kb.
The mobi-file with the image is 901kb.

But the image is still smaller than the one I took a screenshot of and attached in the previous post.

So I have no idea what is going on.

Please help.

EDIT And this does not seem to be an issue in EPUB with the same image.

I’m going to launch a E-book during the weekend, so I’m sorry if I seem stressed. :slight_smile: - I am… I am stressed. Sorry.

If you take the same ePub and open it in Kindle Previewer so that it makes the Mobi file, do you get the same quality drop? If the ePub is fine then it’s likely KindleGen that is doing any further processing.

Hi. Thanks for the response.

Yes, when I opened the epub in the Kindle Previewer, it converted the file to a mobi with roughly the same file size. And the same down-scaled image issue.

So what do I do? It is KindleGen 2.8. No settings panel outside of the Compile window in Scrivener?

I am very confused.

I guess it is not the worst thing, but I have been working a lot to get the covers right, and it’ll be disappointing if mobi-readers don’t get the high-res covers when I have them.

Thanks again.

You could try different image formats and see if something else works better. I’d try PNG at least. But no there are no settings here that control this. We just pass some files along to KindleGen and it does the rest. You can verify the quality of the files we pass to it by turning on the source file option in the KindleGen compile option pane (but since we don’t do anything to the graphics themselves you should find they are okay). After that point, it’s Amazon technical support you need to talk to for concerns with their conversion software.


So I tried with a PNG and different JPEGs. I tried with different file sizes and different dimensions.

Nothing seems to do the trick.

I tried to re-download KindleGen. Didn’t help.

Now, the MOBI doesn’t even care about my “open after front-matter” setting, and it won’t do anything with the <$ebook_start> tag either.

I don’t understand what is going on. Any thoughts?

If you want to examine the files that Scrivener produces, you can enable the source checkbox in the KindleGen compile option pane. This will export a folder of files as well as the .mobi file.

You need to massively reduce the file size of the image.

I beleive that for any image file with above 127 kb Amazon automatically applies a fairly rough algorithm to reduce the file size.

In other words. If you have a file with 700kb. Then it WILL be shrunk by Amazon automatically until it gets below the 127kb.

Where as, if you personally reduce the file down to below 127kb, then Amazon will leave it alone.

The answer to your problem is to use something like Perfect Resize in Photoshop to reduce the file size down to BELOW 127kb to begin with.

That way, at least you can take some care over reducing the image size. In my experience you can get it looking pretty good.

72 dpi jpeg at 50% compression generally just comes in under at 600 x 800.

This guy has good info on it. You can download his free book here:

Photoshop does a pretty good job itself actually. But Pefect resize is custom designed for this.

Change to 72dpi for Kindle. There is no point at having images at 300 dpi. It just bloats the file size and makes no difference for Kindle, because Amazon are going to reduce it in size anyway.