Cover Selector Picks Through Trash

I’d been having trouble with the wrong cover being used when compiling a MOBI file, and I finally figured out what was going on.

I’d deleted the document containing one cover, then I recreated it, and loaded a new cover into it (There is no way that I’ve found to just delete and image from a document).

I’d go to the meta data, choose no cover, then choose the cover again (the document was called “Cover”), but when I compiled, I’d find that the MOBI file used the old cover.

The problem: When selecting an image for the cover, Scrivener looks in the trash. I’d recommend excluding the trash when choosing a cover.



Thanks, I’ve ensured this is on the list for refinement.

I’m not quite sure what you mean that there’s no way to delete an image from a document. An image inserted into a text document can just be selected and deleted within the text. E-book covers are imported images, though, so I’m thinking you’re describing something else.

If you empty your project’s trash (right-click anywhere in the binder and select the last item in the pop-up menu), that should get rid of the old cover image (and any other files) there.