Coverage Warning

Just a caution to be very careful about Script Central. It is an Australian outfit supported by the AWG. My direct experience is that they do not deliver what they purport to deliver.

While HollywoodLitSales took two weeks to do an outstanding coverage of a script, Script Central first lost the script I sent them in March 2008 - after a hopeless assessment in 2007, then after they were notified they were sent a new version in July 2008 and had to be prompted in September 2008. They had forgotten it.

The coverage they sent was rendered redundant (after paying for it) because the script, was by then, in the hands of a producer who is trying to attach talent to the project. Any script alterations would effectively change the product the producer had that was, by then, in the early stages of production.

So cross Script Central off your list as a bunch of hopeless amateurs.

Just a PS to this. The script in question was funded for this third round of coverage by the AWG because the first assessment done in 2007 was so totally incompetent. In effect Script Central have taken a year to do a basic coverage of a script at first draft stage.

BEWARE! Do NOT use Script Central.

If you come across any other stinkers out there who make out they can do coverage and can’t please let us know. It could save others a lot of money and heartache.