Coverflow for files in a folder

As much as the card-based metaphor is entrenched in writing, I would dearly like to have a coverflow-like view of the cards.

I am currently working on the structure of a movie script, and instead of a grid of cards would much prefer a coverflow interface that allows me to leaf back and forth through the scene ‘cards’, just as I would a printed document.



You could set up your corkboard a little differently to get something sort of like this–not quite the coverflow, but at least to have your images in a row you can scroll through rather than a grid. If you select multiple containers in the binder, the card stacks will appear on the corkboard with an option in the footer to align them in a grid, in rows, or in columns. If you select rows, you then get the whole set of subitems for each container in a single row, and it’s still possible to move the index cards around in this view. You can resize the cards to be larger than you might use for text index cards and you can even change your corkboard background to a flat black (or something fancier) to look a little more like a coverflow style and less corkboard-like.
Example (one of my characters went internet shopping when I was having a bout of procrastination):cardstackrow.png
In this case I also was using a horizontal editor split, so I only see one row of cards at a time in the editor as well.

Anyway, not coverflow of course but it might be an idea to get you a little closer to the way you want to work.