CPU usage while Keyword HUD is visible

I’m running Scrivener 1.53 on 10.6.1

Normally CPU usage is under 1 percent.

When the Keyword HUD is visible usage goes up to over 25 percent on my last test. I’ve seen it go to nearly 50 percent. Once the HUD is closed usage returns to normal. Nothing in Console log.

Is this the expected behavior?



No, it shouldn’t be doing anything - strange.

Are you on Tiger or above? On Tiger the HUD does all its own custom drawing (because that style of HUD was only made public on Leopard), so that’s all I can think of before running tests myself.

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I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.1



Have you got a lot of keywords in there? Roughly how many would you say? I want to be able to reproduce it.

I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

I had two documents open—“Doc1” and “Doc2”. Both have about the same keyword structure: one master group containing eight subgroups with a total of about sixty keywords.

I have MenuMeters in the menu bar.

While working on Doc2 with the keyword HUD completely expanded (all 60 keywords visible), I observed MenuMeters at a high level. I had expanded the keywords by option clicking on the master keyword. I opened Activity Monitor. After several application switches between Scrivener and Activity Monitor I noted the observations I reported originally.

After your last post I set my screen so I could watch both Scrivener and Activity Monitor. Now I’m not so sure what the actual pattern is.

Using the same two documents I closed them and then reopened them. I brought up the keyword HUD and watched Activity Monitor as I expanded the keyword grouping. The initial expansion hardly caused a ripple. Expanding additional groups produced nothing big—immediately.

I’m composing this post in Doc1 without the Keyword HUD open. When I pause my typing—even up to a couple of minutes—the CPU settles in at around 10 percent. While I’m typing (slowly) I’m seeing about 20+ percent.

After closing Doc2 (the previous background document sitting idle) I’m seeing about 7-10 percent CPU usage while typing and 1-3 percent while idle.

When I switch to Activity Monitor, I’m seeing around .1 percent.

I don’t want you to spend a lot of time on this if this is normal behavior. I just never noticed it before Snow Leopard.

Thanks for your time


If it’s happening while typing, that would explain it. Snow Leopard seems to use more CPU power while typing than Leopard (and Leopard used more than Tiger). I’ve been optimising this as much as possible for 2.0, as Scrivener does do some extra drawing which affects it.
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