Cracking MacBooks, Hairy Motherboards...etc.

Gleaned these from Thursday`s IT Guardian … … ngineering … iabusiness


And I’ve just forked out for a shiny white MacBook too! Actually, before I bought one I did tonnes of research. I’ve heard Mac’s can have manufacturing issues but I went for one anyway. I’ve spent 16 years with Windows and it’s been pretty unpleasant. Vista was the last straw for me really. I was going to get a Sony Vaio laptop but the thought of having to use Vista was a turnoff. I’ve still got a copy of Vista I bought when it first came out. Used it for a week then went back to XP.

Some people like Vista though and that’s ok. I just found it slowed down my PC and the driver support was almost nil when it came out (which, if you’ve heard about the latest Creative shenanigans, was deliberate to get consumers to buy newer products).

I’ve had this MacBook (my first ever Mac) for a week and so far it’s great. Very fast, very reliable and actually a lot more fun than my gaming PC.

Joking aside, all hardware manufacturers sometimes have issues. The question is how prevalent these issues are, and Apple actually have a pretty low failure rate overall.

But yes, sometimes things will slip through, and the effect is magnified because of the low number of models, and the fact that all Mac users are - by definition - using Apple hardware. These factors make the affected base appear to be larger, which is often useful for getting the issue fixed, but can also scare off switchers a bit.

Basically, if you do have any problems, then absolutely get it checked/fixed/whatever. But don’t lose sleep over it :slight_smile:

I had the cracked casing issue - according to the guy at the Apple store it was because the two raised ridges at the top of the casing around the monitor can create concentrated points of pressure on the lower casing when the laptop was closed, if there was any weight on the top casing. I always have books or folders or something on top of my laptop when it’s tucked into my bag, so the weight of that made the ridges dig into the lower casing and eventually a small crack formed.

My machine was still under warranty however so it was a simple matter to fix. Had to go two days without my laptop but the local Apple store took care of everything for free. I was pleased it was so easy.