CRASH! 2 years of work lost I'm about ready to jump out a window

I love scrivener, have been using it for about 4 years now. I bought the new version in August and I cannot get my old manuscript to load. Panicked, I thought maybe it was just a bug and hoped it would work itself out. A month later, I STILL CANNOT GET MY OLD MANUSCRIPT TO LOAD AND I AM ABOUT TO KILL MYSELF. SO MUCH WORK LOST! 2 YEARS ARE GONE. SOMEONE HELP ME.

Ok I am not really going to kill myself, so no one needs to call the authorities, but you can imagine my frustration. I will never ever buy another upgrade if I cannot get this fixed.

Do you get a specific error message when trying to load the old project?

Do you still have Scrivener 2 on your Mac, and does the old project still open in Scrivener 2?

Scrivener 3 won’t have destroyed your work: a backup is made when opening a Scrivener 2 project with Scrivener 3 for the first time, so that backup should still have all your work, let alone any ongoing backups made when you were using Scivener 2 in previous years.

Slàinte mhòr.

As a note, please never, ever, ever joke about killing yourself.

At the very least, you avoid causing pain for people who have loved ones who have done so.