Crash after crash after crash

I downloaded the new 2011 Trial as I await the full version next week, but it keeps crashing when I am writing. I’ll write a paragraph and then I get a pop up that says that Scrivener has ceased working and I have to close it. Closing it and reopening it isn’t fixing the problem. I write another few sentences and it crashes again. I loved it last year and waited (im)patiently for the full version to be released. Now I fear I will have to write in Word until the full version is released.

I’m so sorry you’re having crash issues! Could you please go to Help > About Scrivener and let me know what version number is listed at the bottom of the window that opens? The NaNoWriMo trail was updated from version 045 to 046 to take care of a few crash issues, so if yours is 045, try downloading again from our special offers page after clearing your browser cache; you can install directly over the previous version so long as the program is closed. Let me know if that helps or if you’re already on 046. Additionally, could you let me know what flavor of Windows you’re running (and whether it’s 32- or 64-bit) and whether you’ve imported or copy/pasted text into the project that’s continually crashing?

OK, it may be the meds I’m on for this ear infection, but I couldn’t find the page you were wanting me to go to. I’ll post your request here and then go see if I can find the help section (sorry, the brain is foggy) I have Version 46 and am running Windows 7 at 64 bit. (Hey, do I get points for finding that without having to call my Technical Assisant?) The crashes come both when I am trying to edit text and when I am “just writing.” It doesn’t crash when I am creating index cards for scenes and characters. It also seems quite random as to how long I have had the window up (whether I just open and start typing or have had it up and then go back to it).

Hm, if you’re already on 046 then downloading again won’t do anything, as that’s the most recent NaNo trial version, so don’t worry about sorting that out. Are you getting the crashes in every project, or only in a specific one or when that particular project is open (supposing you were working in two projects simultaneously)? Have you imported any text or copy/pasted anything into the project, or was everything in your project created directly in Scrivener?