Crash after moving the tables

I’m using the Scrivener under the Yosemite circumstances.

My data is nearly 250mb and every time I try to move or modify the tables I’ve created with Scrivener function, It does not respond with mouse click and finally I have to quit and restart the program forcibly.

It would be nice if somebody knows the way to fix it or avoid crashing.

Thank you…

I’m having the same problem with tables as Photosynth.
I have had to give up on using Scrivener as a result (and use Word, of all things!)

Exactly the same problem as described. No other projects open when I am working on it, and this is a new project…
Hardly a skerrick of text in the document as yet, but I do have around 18 documents in my research folder, 17 of which are PDFs (research journal articles.)

Any clues? I really don’t want to have to resort to Word for the whole of my document…