Crash after sleep

I was writing late last night, left Mac to sleep (me and the Mac), and woke it this morning to find a crash message from Scrivener. It reopened fine. As did I after a coffee.

Unfortunately, I can’t attach the crash log as it’s too large / and can’t upload .txt. Happy to mail it if useful.

macOS 13.4.1 / MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 32Gb, Scrivener 3.3.1

Zip text files like crash logs and you can attach them here.




Scrivener (13.1 KB)

A theory:

You have Scrivener set to do something scheduled at some point.
Something like auto-close after a period of inactivity + (perhaps) backup on project close.
Your computer put the disk to sleep. So Scrivener couldn’t do its thing.
And that would/might have led to a crash.
(Just off the top of my head. It might have no scientific value.)

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Sounds legit, but it’d be nothing I’ve setup, anyway. I don’t have a scheduled backup (although this entire machine is synced with iCloud). Curious.

We’ve seen remotely similar issues on the forum that had the “computer to sleep” factor in common.
Something in the line of the computer waking up, but not the disks until solicited by the User/OS, Scrivener’s “actions” in themselves not being “enough” to wake them up.
Therefor causing a crash.

The simple solution, of course, should that be the case, would be to close Scrivener when you’re done for the day.


We’ve had some other reports of this.

When the computer sleeps, Scrivener is effectively frozen: automatic backups and other normal shutdown “housekeeping” tasks can’t happen. We don’t think that causes the crash, but it does mean that you might have a bit less protection for your data if a crash occurs.

As @Vincent_Vincent said, closing Scrivener when you’re done for the day is not a bad idea.


Perhaps, then (I’m out of my field, but) it is that the computer wipes some of the RAM when going to sleep ??

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That’s probably a good call (shutting down Scrivener) as this also generates a backup zip – at least, the way I have it setup. I do usually manually backup each session too.