Crash as if the app is already open

I’m using scrivener 3.1.5 on a macOS version 12.0.1
Everytime I open scrivener it tells me it quit unexpectedly, because another version is already open. Which isn’t. Not sure what to do. I have moved to a different country (from US to Europe) could that be something to do with it?

As you’re on 12.01 you need to upgrade to the latest version, 3.2.3. There are compatibility issues with 3.1.5.

that makes sense, thank you Xiamenese. Do you know if there is a possibility that I use work if I upgrade? And how to avoid that?

Your Scrivener project is stored on your computer’s hard drive and not within the software itself, so updating should not affect your project.

You can update Scrivener from within the software by selecting the “Check for Updates” option under the Scrivener menu. That will prompt the program to contact the servers and scan for updates. It will then install the update for you.

If you run into any issues with that process, you can use our contact us page to open a help ticket.