Crash bug when trying to load a novel template[NOTED]

I’ve found a way to make Scrivener for Windows crash reliably (oxymoron?)

I’ve been trying to load the zipped novel template found in this thread (scroll down to find the ‘Windows compatible version’). I’ve unzipped the file and tried double clicking the ‘novel.scrivx’ file. That starts Scrivener and asks me to select a template. I then select it via the ‘Open Existing Project’ button and Scrivener crashes out. Happens every time.

I’m running Scrivener V1.3 in Windows 7 Pro’.

I think this is a windows compatibility error, as so far no one has been able to get it to open on the Window’s version (including myself). I have gotten other downloaded templates unzipped and to work just fine. I don’t think this is a bug with the Beta, it’s a bug with the file.

But shouldn’t Scrivener detect the error and refuse to load it rather than crash?

By the way, where do you get other templates that do work in Windows?

Mine doesn’t crash, actually. But it goes instead to the select a template window instead of opening the file. From there I can still create a new file, but I can’t use the file I was trying to open. It never crashes.

I used the NaNoWriMo template. And I have packaged and moved templates from one computer to another.

For what it’s worth, unrelated to the crash but to the “buggy” file, it seems to be an issue with projects updated from 1.x on the Mac to 2.0. I don’t get a crash, but no updated projects will open for me (they’ll open Scrivener, but they won’t open the project, as everyone else is experiencing). I haven’t poked around enough to know what it is specifically in the updated files that’s making it goofy, but that seems to be the problem.

Meanwhile, I made a fresh 2.0 project and copied over all the stuff from that Novel Structure template and uploaded a new file that really is Windows compatible over in the other thread. So that’ll help with that particular problem.

That new version works for me - no crashes.