Crash, can't re-launch, worried

I am a new user but I have been using Scrivenir a lot and saw it as a perfect research and writing tool. I have four projects going, one of them is 37MB, another 21MB and two others much smaller. The bigger projects are in their beginning phases and I’m worried the eventual size of them might overwhelm Scrivenir. But the source of this post is Scrivenir has crashed and won’t relaunch. I’ve tried to re-set and re-launch to no avail. The face seems to have disappeared from my Scriviner button on my computer screen. I’m running Mac OS X Version 10.5.7. I have emailed Scrivenir directly but thought this approach was worth a go to. I haven’t reinstalled Scrivenir as yet as it was premature and I was worried that even with a reinstall the issue might re-occur and was seeking some re-assurance from seasoned users. I am using apple’s MobileMe and storing my Scrivenir projects in the local MobileMe coloured folder on my desktop. I thought this could have something to do with my present difficulties. I’d appreciate any help that forum users might be able to offer. Thanks, Garry

Hi Garry,
I have received your e-mail but will reply properly tomorrow, given that it is nearly 2am here and I am full of beer. :slight_smile: I will say though that the Scrivener icon doesn’t have a “face” in it so I am confused by that description - could you please explain what you mean? Also if you can give any more details as to exactly what you did leading up to the crash, and the sequence of events leading up to it, that would be great - I will do my best to help.
Thanks for trying Scriv. All the best,

Thanks Keith, I’m grateful and impressed that you should reply this late - go to bed! The Scrivenir face is what appears on the icon, indeed the one appearing next to your post. That icon has disappeared, if that now makes any sense to you. With best wishes, Garry

It is not really a face. More of a yin/yang with typographer quotes in it. I can kind of see the face, but it will take a lot more drinking for me to be certain.

Where is the icon that you are clicking? Did you install scrivener in the applications folder or just run it from the downloaded image?

Keith, false alarm. I found an Scrivenir application in the trash. How it got there I have no idea. I retrieved it and placed it on my desk top and viola (Australian for there you have it). Now I am downloading the latest version and I’ve referred the old version to my launchpad. But I’m still interested in anything you might have to say about file size and the robustness of Scrivenir when dealing with large projects as I was intending to put all of my research into Scrivenir and, as I mentioned earlier, one of my projects is already 37Mb. With best wishes, Garry

Sorry for all the bother and I meant to say voila. Best, Garry

Glad it worked out for you. I was hoping you knew a few string tricks that would impress a cellist I know, but I guess not.

As to project size… KB has stated a few times that size limitations are OS level not scriv. Basically a project is nothing more than a directory. OS X does some fancy things to make it look like a file, but really it is just a directory like any other folder. What scriv does is present the contents of that directory in a very efficient and unique way while simultaneously providing you a way to alter the contents of some files in the directory. KB has done quite a good job at ensuring that scriv is efficient in use of memory.

All that out of the way I would recommend that you search the forums for discussion about file size (and how to back up those giles as you are obviously concerned about data integrity). I think you will find your fears are alleviated very quickly.

Thanks Jaysen, much appreciated. My daughter (10) and son (8) might be good for those cellist tips but give them a few years. I will have a look at those forums, thanks. Now that I am back on track with Scrivenir I’m feeling much better. I’ll let you know if I find out anything useful. Best, Garry

Hi Garry,

37MB certainly isn’t a problem - I use a Scrivener project for keeping all of my notes and research on future development for Scrivener, and that often grows to between 200MB and 500MB. I know of users who have projects of a gigabyte or more, too. However, I wouldn’t really recommend letting a project get quite that big - to a gigabyte - simply because of my experience with any program that works with really big files. Even Photoshop has a tendency to choke on massive files, for instance. But the main thing I’d say is that if you are putting lots and lots of research into a project - or even if you’re not but the project represents writing that is important to you, which is most often going to be the case - make sure you get into the habit of a good backup routine. Scrivener, I think I’m fair in saying, has a reputation for being stable and solid, but that doesn’t mean that no one has ever lost a Scrivener file, as you will see if you search the forums. It would be irresponsible of me to claim that Scrivener is 100% stable and bug-free, because although that is what aim for, no one cold honestly say that of any software.

So, the file sizes you are talking about aren’t a problem at all and should cause Scrivener no trouble whatsoever, and Scrivener is stable. But because the work done in Scrivener is usually more precious to users than, say, a small spreadsheet or a letter, and because computers sometimes do odd things, I would still recommend backing up once a day (Scrivener has a File > Backup To command which even allows you to zip up the backup, so backing up is as easy as just using that once you’ve finished work for the day).

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thank you Keith. I have to say that my experience with the Forum following my misadventure yesterday has been really positive and given me great confidence in you and the product. Thanks for the sound advice about file size and back-up. I’ll keep in touch. Hopefully next time I post it will be with something that helps you and others. Best, Garry

That sounds good and all, but if you start helping folks out you will make the rest of us loafers look bad. Then poor vic-k will have to stay under his table longer.

Never! I can’t even spell voila.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words!
All the best,