crash during tutorial that I can't reproduce now

I don’t know how helpful this will be since I can’t reproduce the crash now for myself but I thought I would share just in case.
I had a crash while taking the tutorial on the snapshot, so I thought it might be the snapshot bug but it doesn’t look like it after reading through those posts since it wasn’t the taking of the snapshot that caused me to crash.
I took the snapshot and then rolled back three times, to the 06 version, to the one I did today, and then back to the 06 version. I then typed in the window just to see if I could or if the snapshot was protected. I got as far as typing S (shift + s) and scrivener just crashed, no dialogue box from scrivener or windows.
So I loaded scrivener back up and went back to the snapshot tutorial. It was still rolled back to the 06 version. I tried typing in it again and it let me get a paragraph, no problem. The spell check didn’t like one of the words I wrote so I right clicked on the word to see if it would give me spelling options and it crashed to a windows dialogue box saying the program had stopped working and windows was looking for solutions.
I loaded scrivener up again. Right click worked just fine. It let me correct the words. It let me type for a while, nothing was happening. But the inspector wasn’t open, which it had been, so I tried opening that. Got the windows “your program has stopped working” dialogue, then close program.
Opened scrivener again, did everything I did before and can’t make it crash, no matter how often I do any of those actions or rearrange the order of any of the actions or do them in different parts of the tutorial. Went on and did the rest of the tutorial to see if anything else would crash and everything worked perfectly. I can’t get the crash to occur again no matter what I do.
So probably not much use to you :confused: but maybe it might give you a clue to somebody else’s problem, so I thought I would pass it on anyway. Sorry if it is a waste of time.
I’m on an HP 64 bit Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2. Core 2 quad 2.4 Ghz. Using Scrivener .46 for windows.
And besides for that all I can say is that scrivener looks amazing.