Crash/File Corruption HELP

Hello. Last night, Windows crashed and closed out Scriviner. When I rebooted, the text of my current chapter was blank (the rest of the manuscript was preserved). I looked into my backup files, and the chapter file in question appears corrupted (all text appears in the .rtf file as squares). Older backups exist, but have not been updated to the current text.

Is there any way to recover the file I need? Thank you.

You might be able to retrieve the lost work from the RTFs within your project files. First make a backup of the project, as we don’t usually recommend digging through the project files. You can do this using File > Back Up > Back Up To and selecting the ‘Backup as ZIP file’ option. Then close the project and find the project in File Explorer - you’re looking for a folder with a .scriv extension. Open the folder and look in Files\Data. You’ll see a load of folders. Inside each, you’ll see a file called ‘content.rtf’ These files contain all the text from your project. It’s worth arranging File Explorer by Date Modified to help you find the files most recently edited. If you can find your lost text, you can copy and paste it back into the project.

If that doesn’t help, there’s one last place to look. In the Files folder, find a file called ‘Search.indexes’ and copy it to your Desktop. Open Notepad and open the file there (you might have to change the file type from .txt to ‘All Files’). All the text in your project is here, so it will take some looking, but if your text can still be restored, you will find it in here.

By the way, my answer assumes you’re using Scrivener 3. If you’re using Scrivener 1, the process is nearly the same, except you’ll find the RTFs named by number in the Files\Docs folder.