crash -- full-screen mode, adjusting page w/ large font

In full-screen mode, using a non-100% text scale, a crash occurs after adjusting the paper width. Steps to reproduce:

Open tutorial.scriv
Select one of the text pages (for example, “Other stuff you should know”)
Go to full-screen mode
Mouse down to the bottom, and set the text scale to 125%
Type something in the text
Attempt to adjust the paper width larger

This consistently crashes the app. Will send crash log via e-mail.

I could not duplicate this, following these steps. Not sure what the difference is.

I managed to, though not following the directions precisely. I had to fiddle with the slider a few times, and then click the maximum/minimum buttons. It crashed when clicking the minimum button. A second attempt could not reproduce it.

Here is the crash log.

My first go in full screen mode in the new app I had a crash when adjusting the page width, I think the scale was on 125%.

I have emailed the crash log.

Interesting… I was able to reproduce this on my iBook but not on my MacBook. I wonder if it’s something to do with the difference between Intel and PPC? I’m looking into it…

Gotcha… I hope. I tracked this one down on my iBook. Basically, the program creates a list of lines that it needs to draw around any annotations or footnotes each time it draws (the list is there even if there are no annotations etc - its just empty). In some circumstances - such as the one you came across - this list was getting destroyed before it should, the program looked for it, panicked, and crashed. I’ve now made it so that the list is kept around until the project is closed, which should prevent the crash. Certainly testing on my iBook suggests this bug is fixed.

So, this should no longer be a problem in beta 2.