crash in full screen, lost all data, help!

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and want it to work for me. My version says 0.21b. I went thru the tutorial a couple of months ago, but went to use it for real for the first time this afternoon. I have an iBook. I made a project name, figured out how to change colors in Full Screen, and started typing my story in Full Screen. I reached the bottom of the screen when the program crashed suddenly, and when I restarted the program, my data wasn’t there although my project name still was. Ack! Is my writing hidden somewhere that I can retrieve it? Any idea what happened? I would love to use Scrivener, but am worried that it crashed so soon and I lost my story. Thank you for your help.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have done them all and my work is gone. I had actually made the project name 2 days ago with a 10 word note. Today, when it crashed, all I was doing was typing. When I restarted the program, the project and 10 word note were there, but not the text from today. Also, the Full Screen colors I had changed had reverted to the original default colors. The version I was using is the one that is available for download from the website, so I thought it was most current–I now see that you can get the beta 3 from the forums. I have a crash log, if that would give a clue where the data went, but I know that SG is not being monitored for this anymore. I will look forward to the official release. Thanks.


Hi llsstzf,

FIRST: There are TWO trash folders.

  1. The system’s trash (the trash can in the lower right hand side of the monitor. You know that, and I didn’t need to tell you.

  2. The application itself has a trash file where stuff that is trashed from Scrivener is kept - until you deliberately empty it to the trash can in the bottom right of the screen.

SECOND: So fire up Scrivener again and see if your lost work is in Scrivener’s own trash. It is not actually a trash folder but a ‘keep until absolutely sure I want to trash this’ folder, so it should still be there. Maria is right - get the latest version (3).

PS: I think both Keith and AmberV have addressed this very issue elsewhere on this thread. … .php?t=573


Thank you all for your help. By your comments and by examining the forums more closely, I see that I was using Scrivener Gold and not Scrivener beta 3. I’m sorry to have used your time, because with SG, there isn’t a way to retrieve what was lost in the crash. However, I am excited to see Scrivener beta 3 (and that little trash can icon, and to know my work will be automatically saved), so I’m ready to get back to it. Thanks again, I’m thrilled with the idea I may never have to rely on MS Word again!

Hi Laurie, I’m sorry you experienced data loss. Scrivener Gold definitely has some bugs, and is provided “as-is” with no guarantees, because it is old beta software and unsupported. Beta 3 is much more stable, and will automatically save your work as you type, so I hope SG doesn’t put you off trying the newer, more stable versions.
All the best,