Crash in Outliner

Happy New Year!

I apologize if this has been reported somewhere already. I had Scrivener hang up and crash while I was trying to add a new page in the binder by selecting a line in the outliner and hitting return. I’m attaching the PDF of the report.

I am now running Snow Leopard, freshly installed. This was a small document with no pdfs or videos or anything like that. I was editing in outliner view.



Update: I have just noticed that there is a more recent build of Scrivener (I was running 6076); I’ll download it. Maybe this problem has been fixed already…
Scrivener_crash_Jan 4 2011.pdf (82.8 KB)

This looks very much like one of the crashes I am trying to track down - to the extent that I’m offering a reward to anyone who can provide me with enough information to reproduce it in the latest version: