Crash on "Close All"

Attempted to “close all” from file menu while Scrivener running in full screen (but not comp mode).

  1. Tried to close all. Nothing happened.
  2. Wrinkled brow. Did I really click that?
  3. Try again. Nothing happened. WTH?
  4. Take out of full screen mode, just because.
  5. Try again. This time document closed. Yes!
  6. But uh oh, Scriv lost its “running” indicator in the dock
  7. 10 seconds later, crash message (dump attached)

OS X 10.11.3, 2015 MacBook 12"

ScrivenerCrash.txt (64.1 KB)

I think I see what you mean (sans the crash), assuming that prior to step one, where we are starting from is two or more projects in Full Screen mode? In that case, using Close All from one Space has no impact on projects in other Spaces, or projects in normal windows back in the regular desktop Spaces. I tried this in Nisus Writer Pro as well, which has a Close All function and can put individual documents on their own Spaces. It didn’t seem to work well there either, in fact it didn’t even close the document in the Space I called the command from.

Given that sending signals like close requests, between Spaces, is what OS X does that’s probably not something we can fix, but I’ve added a note to look into it.

The crash, on the other hand, isn’t specific to this (and I never ran into it myself while testing), it is one you are already familiar with, the crash on close bug.