Crash on Cmd-Up in fullscreen

Lately I’ve been experiencing crashes in Scrivener when I press Command-Up Arrow in fullscreen to go to the beginning of a document. It doesn’t happen every time, and at first I thought it was just a fluke, but it’s been happening frequently since it first started.

To recreate the bug, just go into fullscreen, put the cursor at the bottom of the file, and press Command-Up Arrow to go to the top. Again, it doesn’t crash every time. Even when I do the exact same action repeatedly, sometimes it crashes and sometimes it doesn’t.

The crash log is attached. (11.6 KB)


Please go to the Full Screen Preferences and change the scroller type. Snow Leopard has somehow broken the standard full screen scroller - this will be fixed in the next update (1.54 will use a different scroller), but changing the scroller to the monochrome one, or no scroller, will prevent further crashes in the meantime.

Thanks and all the best,