Crash on dual window and scrolling

This morning I downloaded 1.8 update and twice the package has crashed when I was in dual window mode. The first time I was scrolling down the text (and highlighting it intending to change font colour) when the program crashed. The second time I was opening a different file in one of the windows.

I was not doing anything out of the ordinary - other than (a) highlighting and scrolling through text - which I had already done a number of times, or (b) opening a different file - again something I had done a few times already.

I am using Vista.

oh dear, it just happened again - this time I had actually highlighted the text and had as I pressed the new colour, it crashed.

five minutes later… happened again. This time in single window view. I was busy correcting a mis-spelled word. I am now going to try to copy and paste into Word and work on the project there :frowning: