Crash on "Find"

Search for a single word that is in the open file for sure.

Add nothing to the replace line (as just searching to complete something), and click “next”.


Beta 1.4 on Win7

I can’t make it crash this way, even by searching the whole composite document (some 60,000 words). (I can reproduce the known bug “Crash when using “Find” (Ctrl+F)”, though!)

However, it is displaying some odd behaviour in that while it will find and highlight the chosen word in red, it doesn’t snap the view to it as I would expect - I then have to scroll around the document manually to try and visually spot the highlight.

Beta 1.4

I could not confirm either of these things. I can’t get it to crash, and my find is snapping to the words when it finds them.

Well, after having turned off my system for the night, I get the word find to work properly.

This might have been it.