Crash on Import Web Page

I’m using the latest App Store version of Scrivener (2.4.1, I believe) on OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.3, and every time I attempt to import a web page the program crashes. Every time. No exceptions. It doesn’t matter what webpage I import, it always crashes.

Here’s the specifics:

In any project (new or existing), I select the Research folder then I click and hold on the green “Add new document” icon. In the drop-down I select “Import a webpage”. I then either type a URL or one is imported from my clipboard. I either leave the title blank or type something meaningful… then click Ok.

The webpage appears for a moment, then Scrivener crashes.

When I relaunch the app Scrivener successfully recovers the two imported webpages. I can move them into Research and rename the files and everything is fine… at least until I try to delete the recovery folders. If I attempt to delete the recovery folders… the program crashes. If I relaunch it again, any recovery folders and web pages have completely reverted to where they were after the first crash (my moving them and renaming them is lost).

Just FYI, I tried deleting the App Store version and downloading the direct-sale trial version. Same story.

It crashes if I import a webpage, and it crashes if I empty the trash (the Scrivener project crash, not OSX trash).

Have you tried the alternative File > Import > Web Page command? I sometimes find the Toolbar route a bit problematic - it will return a `problem URL’ or somesuch error - whereas the other way has always worked.