Crash on iPad Pro

I just created a new project on my mac, saved it to the default dropbox app/Scrivener folder then tried to sync and each time I try to sync the iOS app crashes. Please help

I deleted Scrivener for iOS, reinstalled it and now it is working

I have been using Scrivener for about a year with no problems but since the last update it crashes on synch with dropbox. I don’t want to delete it as I will loose the best part of a day’s work…

Adding myself as a “Me Too” comment, only I’m using an iPad 3. This is a bummer because I’ve been using my iPad in the field and my Windows 10 laptop at home,

Hope they fix it soon!

Same thing here. I’ve been syncing between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 6S without problem, but after working on my iPad I can’t sync back to Dropbox without the app crashing.

As noted in another thread, unlinking and relinking with Dropbox appears to fix the problem in most cases. If you’ve tried that and it didn’t help, please open a support ticket here:

It is nearly impossible to troubleshoot four different variations of the same issue simultaneously via a forum thread.


same here. Unlink/link dropbox made a local copy that don’t update when re-link and I can’t spend that time in every sync, I switch very often between iPad Pro and iMac. I won’t use Scrivener on my iPad till the bug is fiixed, I lost 2000 words since yesterday because of this problem.
I opened a support ticket.

Two things. One, unlinking and delinking Dropbox fixed my issue. Two, I just experienced the same bug on my iPhone. FYI devs.