Crash on launch (codesigning error)

Hi there!

I’m not an App Store purchaser, and I’ve been having a crash on open issue with 3.1.2 on MacOS 10.14.5. I downloaded 3.1.1 from the site, which worked. I then updated Scrivener from within the app and now I’m getting the crash on open bug again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(I couldn’t paste in the error log because it contained too many characters. TXT attached.)

Scrivener_error.txt (68.4 KB)

I’ve split this to a new thread since this crash report isn’t one of the ones we have listed on the bounty for cash list. This is in fact a known issue; a conflict with the security software known as “SentinelOne”. It doesn’t seem to play nice with properly notarised and hardened software. Basically it injects itself into the Scrivener runtime, and doing that causes macOS to instantly shut the process down as having been tampered with—in short macOS considers SentinelOne to be a suspicious entity.

You might want to check for updates, hopefully they have fixed this on their end at this point (they may also have a blacklist feature that will keep it from messing with Scrivener). There isn’t much we can do about it. We can’t stop them from inserting their process into the running program, and we can’t stop macOS from shutting down software that has been “tampered” with in this fashion.

Thank you very much for explaining!

Now I know why my new work computer is giving me a hard time :wink: