Crash on Mac after working in S+iOS

(This is cross-posted with the Mac forum as there have been no solutions/suggestions thusfar.)

Attempting to open a project on desktop Scriv after working on S+iOS causes Scriv Mac to crash. I am opening all files from the standard Dropbox/Apps/ Scrivener folder in Dropbox.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the project was created on either platform–regardless after editing in S+iOS, it crashes the Mac version and won’t open.

Any ideas?

Uninstall and reinstall Scriv on Mac? (I already did this with S+iOS to no avail).


Normal procedures is always to 1) turn off and the restart the Mac, and if that doesn’t fix it 2) to re-install the app on the Mac.

A question: are you starting Scrivener first and then try to open the project using File → Open, or do you double-click the project in Finder?

The crash happens in either scenario: using File> Open AND double-clicking project name in file folder in Dropbox. The only correlation I can tell is that the crash happens once I have worked on a project in iOS, and then try to reopen on desktop.

I will try the reinstall Mac software solution on desktop.

Reinstalled and still, no luck.