Crash on opening or even selecting external file bookmark or external bookmark

Bug description:
OK so I’m trying to use Scrivener Beta on Windows 10
and [b]getting a lot of crashes lately whenever using bookmarks (and sometimes using notes)

[/b]The first one was with Evernote - you can make public links to Evernote docs which work perfectly in MS Word, for example - however when I set such a link like this one (you can try?) … TPz5V-szU/
as the address for a document external link it crashes, over and over. It was actually hard to delete it because Scrivener was to quick to crash when I even highlighted the bookmark.
this is pretty urgent for me as I very much need to integrate Scrivener and Evernote to streamline my book writing process. thanks!

But then there’s more - I found that the crash in bookmarks was happening with other bookmarks, including doc files and pdfs. I just had to highlight them and the program crashed completely.
I just updated from 11 to 12 today and it hasn’t made any difference.

Please help!!!

I’ve done the following in an attempt to replicate:

  1. Put your link into research by pasting link from the browser tab into add link dialog with no prefix selected. : Worked fine.

  2. Dragged that article into bookmarks and tried the link. Did nothing at all. No crash, but the link didn’t link to anything. Works in the research article, fails when that article becomes a bookmark.

  3. Using Filemanager, dragged a file from documents into a research. Linked made and worked.

  4. Dragged the research article with the link to bookmarks. Link failed.

  5. Using file manager, dragged a pdf file directly into bookmarks and dropped it there. Got the file name. Nice preview below and link worked perfectly.

In no case did I get a crash. What are you doing to get the links? How are you making the bookmarks?

So sorry I didn’t get a notification of your reply - maybe I just have to check back!
this is very helpful to get a list of diff ways to make links.
SO I’m still having a bunch of crashes on both external links and external file links though have managed to get some of them to work. It does seem a bit random which ones will cause crashes.

External links
I am making links using the add link dialog in (document not project) Bookmarks.
Gdocs links seem to work which is good. Others are very unreliable.
For example, lInks to wikipedia always crash in my experience.

even right-clicking on these to edit after making them crashes Scriv so I can’t delete them as bookmarks, meaning they are hanging around ready to crash if I forget they are unusable. even highlighting them makes a crash

the fact that “bookmarks” seem to be the only way to add hyperlinks makes it very frustrating - ie even if I make a research doc with a bunch of “links” they are just addresses. I really hope I can sort this out.

external file links
some of these work - some links to pdfs crash Scriv, others don’t. I’m not importing most of my pdfs as I use another program (BlueBeam Revu) for markup. With some files this seems fine. As I should be able to, I can either look at them in Scrivener editors, in the pane below the bookmarks, or open in my default editor. Other pdfs (quite a few) cause instant crash and I have the same problem of not being able to delete them. :frowning:

many thanks for any further help!

Just tried that, and those links work for me just fine from Scrivener.

In a document, I’d rather have the address as text I can click and edit without it taking me there on click (a problem in some other programs)). I agree the bookmark/hyperlinks thing feels a bit klunky.

thanks and I guess I’m glad this isn’t a bigger problem. I am using the Scriv 3 beta and hope that it’s just because of this. But the problem has stayed the same for last few updates.

I do not know how you are managing to crash or whether it has anything to do with Scrivener. I’ve been unable to force Scrivener to crash with bookmarks. Here’s one attempt.

Taking a bookmark and then inside the bookmark I marked some text for a link, then chose Insert/add Line…

Choosing the No prefix option I pasted in YOUR link. It made a nice blue underlined link that worked fine the the wikipedia article.

Try doing just one thing like I just did. If it works, your problem is solved for that. Then try a single other type of link. If it fails, carefully describe exactly what you are doing, perhaps even including an image.

Hello DiseaseoftheWill,

Were any of these posts helpful to you in terms of fixing your issue? Or are you still experiencing these crashes? If you are still experiencing this in the latest beta, please respond so we can try to narrow down exactly what is causing this.

Thank you for your help with this.

Hi wonderful helping people. Well thanks for trying to replicate. Unfortunately my problem hasn’t gone away. I did manage to make some internal and external links which didn’t crash but my project seems to be corrupted. All the places where I have crashing links are so unstable that Scriv goes down when I open the ref window of the inspector.
That’s been like that for weeks.
But now it’s even worse. I can barely get Scrivener to open, and have had to do several restores from backup daily to get work done - which often then gets lost as it crashes before I can save.
So I’m feeling really panicked. I wonder if I can get help debugging my project from someone?

Note: I am not speaking for Literature & Latte. This is from my experience with projects that crash Scrivener (and I’ve made a few).

If it crashes as you’re opening (and I’ve had some projects do that), this method (import to new project) may be able to rescue your content.

1 – Make a backup copy of your project OUTSIDE of Scrivener. Use the compressor of your choice (7zip is free and highly functional), and make a zip file out of the entire .scrivx folder. It will leave the folder there, but everything will be zipped. Copy that folder to a different drive if possible.

2 – Download Beta 17 again. Uninstall Scrivener 3 Beta. Delete the folder it was in (in Program Files). Yes. Delete it. Don’t leave anything in it, not even itself. Empty your recycle bin when you’re done. Install Beta 17 clean. You’ve probably done this several times trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

3 – Open Scrivener Beta 17. Create a new project of the same type that’s causing you issues. Save it with a new name.

4 – File → Options → General → UNCHECK the first box (Reopen projects that were open on quit). This will save you from the cycle of Crash, Start and reopen project which crashes Scrivener, and then you’re back here.

5 – File → Import → Scrivener Project → (the problem project name here)

It’s going to put EVERYTHING from the imported project at the bottom of the binder.

Save it. Just like that.

6 – Force a backup, so you have a restart point.

File → Backup → Backup to… (this makes a literal copy into a location, with a date on it, and can zip it). Don’t zip it. Not yet.

7 – Now, one document at a time, see if editing documents in the NEW project crashes Scrivener. Don’t move them from where they are, yet. Don’t do production writing. Add, revise, edit, a few things at a time, and save. Quit. Reopen. Move to the next document. Same thing.

If none of them cause a crash, move them to where they should be, save, quit, reopen, etc. Still no crash? Great. Fixed. Delete the old project folder (keep the zip you made of it, though, because the folks at L&L might want to look at what crashed their software. Just don’t ever open it with Scrivener again!).

If this does not work (it works with most of the problem projects I’ve had), come back here and we’ll try again.

Don’t give up. There are still ways to get to your writing, but they’re more work and more involved. We don’t want to go there, yet. Scrivener should be able to deal with any project it’s made without crashing.


Nice procedure, @rwfranz.

And sensible.

I’m noting it on my saves/configurations tagging, thanks.

Not that I’ve ever driven Scrivener to lose anything, not yet…

thanks very much rfranz and I’m going to try this this pm. You all are awesome.

I have been through all the recovery steps listed by rfranz - and the imported project keeps crashing new projects even before moving any docs into the draft or research folders. I think this is beyond me. I’m going to try getting help from L and L. But many thanks for the help

Oh, dear. That is bad.

Don’t give up. You can still recover your data, but it is tedious.

You’ll need a a word processor capable of handling RTF files (Word or LibreOffice will do. I think even WordPad will do this).

If you open your project folder in Explorer, open the Files directory, and open the Data directory, you’ll find a bunch of folders with long strings of letters and numbers as their names (UUIDs). Some of those folders hold documents labeled contents.rtf. There may be other documents in there, but you can ignore them for now (they may contain references to styles or the like). If you open “contents.rtf” with a word processor, you can recover (document by document) the content of your project.

As I said, it’s tedious.

The .scrivx file has the indexes to those folders so Scrivener can organize them. Don’t edit that file, but something like Notepad++ (not notepad or Wordpad; they don’t really read xml) can let you look at it and find which directories (referenced by UUID) have your chapters and documents in them.