Crash on OPML export of large project

I’ve just noticed that if I try to export my large, complicated (60 notes, a few external links, and a few pictures and background shapes, or 71 notes with links and background shapes, but no pictures) Scapple project to OPML, the program crashes. It doesn’t happen with a small test project containing three notes, a background shape, one link and one image, but I haven’t tested extensively enough to see where the limit is.

This is with Windows 8.1 and Win7 32-bit.

Windows 8.1
Scapple: 1.0

Just to confirm I have also experienced the same problem. I can replicate the crash (when exporting to OPML) using the attached document. It also happens when opening the Scapple document from within Scrivener.
export-to-opml.scap (8.02 KB)

I am also experiencing a crash when trying to export to OPML, but with a very small project. Once I choose a file name and hit save, Scapple just closes without any kind of error message. The file is never created.

Thank you for any help you can offer.